Time dilatation, also known as "time warp" or "lost time", is a phenomenon commonly encountered when using transplanary Magick, whether it be between two different Planes (see transplanary travel or Invocation), or the same Plane in two different points in time (see Divination, in particular Copacetic Clerocubicmancy for Ysdaariel-specific practices). The actual causes of time dilatation are unknown, though most speculators seem to agree that it is a natural process, not one caused by a specific entity or Arcana.

Sufferers of time dilatation disappear and find themselves losing days, or even up to years, seemingly without having aged. Despite the growing literature on the phenomenon, scholarly progress is slowed by the stigma on Divination, leading to many seeing it as divine punishment.

The link between transplanary Magick and the powers of Arcana have been cause of much scientific interest. It is known that some powerful Arcana have the ability to predict or even prevent time dilatation. In particular, certain Archons with time-related spheres such as Dahriman have been known to protect individuals from the phenomenon.