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Fifyne Itaz

Fifyne Itaz was a female human wizard born in the early 200th Century. She is the 5th recorded case of a human murdering another human as a result of extreme exposure to Foreign Mana Leakage (FML). Very little else is known about her past due to the sudden deterioration of her mental health and lack of co-operation.

After being exposed to FML while trying to summon a Horrorterror, she murdered 3 students at the School of Coaxial Manipulation; Hidus Aludel, Ecore Atrix and Asha Carpathia. Current location of the summoned HorrorTerror is unknown.

The Voice Edit

Hearing The Voice is a symptom found in extreme cases of exposure to FML. While most victims become incoherent upon exposure, the case of Fifyne Itaz gave wizards and scholars insight into what The Voice is. Often, exposure to FML does not result in hearing The Voice.

From what Itaz and fellow FML victims said, The Voice is an omniscient being, which tasks FML victims to recruit other beings "to their cause". Should the being refuse to join, the FML victim is told to kill them. However, the only known way of joining the FML victims is through exposure to FML.

A location of where The Voice is broadcasting from has never been found, and there is no proof of the existence of The Voice outside the victim’s heads, however all cases of victims exposed to FML describe the same voice.

Transcript of interview - Extract Edit

(Transcript has been translated directly into common)


Transcript of interview




CRIBIN: Recording? I Watchman Cribin of Kendati Watchmen. This interview is with the number of cases 000005. Mental health is currently unknown. Physical health appears to be stable, given the age. Madam, could you please state your name.

ITAZ: Fine. I'm fine, you know.

CRIBIN: Madam, This is the third interview we had, and cooperation is essential at this stage. Include your name. 

ITAZ: Fifyne Itaz.

CRIBIN: Thank you. Could you explain why we found you surrounded by the bodies of witches students Hidus aludel, Ecore Atrix and Asha Carpathia

ITAZ: They did not want to join us.


ITAZ: You would all be much happier if you joined us.

CRIBIN: Who is “us”?

ITAZ: We’re not victims. I promise. I’m happy like this.

CRIBIN: Madam, you killed 3 people.

ITAZ: He told me to. You would be happy with us.

CRIBIN: Who is “us”?

ITAZ: You'd be surprised how many of us there. Some are less aware of our presence in their minds, because they are not exposed to us for very long. 

CRIBIN: Exposed?

ITAZ: Yes. Through Planar Rifts.

CRIBIN: You tried to summon a HorrorTerror?

ITAZ: Yes. But I see that was not necessary. I'm so happy now.

CRIBIN: For the purposes of this interview, noting that I now think the cause of the actions of this woman being the extreme exposure to Foreign Mana Leakage. The HorrorTerror is assumed to have been released and must be 

ITAZ: You should join us too.

CRIBIN: Pardon?

ITAZ: You, and you, stenographer