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Evindal, is a plane in the Kendati Domain of Rudwen. Expanding over two hundred leagues it is the first or second largest plane in Rudwen depending on if you take the Bouraques belief that the border includes the Crayberry Nebula or the more Modern belief taken up by the Kratons who believe the border ends before the Sediment of Holotical Creation. 
Between the 256th and 278th Centuries the plane of Evindal held the Illustrious School of Coaxial Manipulation before a Grand Magister attempted to perform one of the most difficult, dangerous and dark rituals that has ever been recorded, M'ori Templa Tenkela Nat'. Grand Magister Frijk Halmangard attempted this ritual to prove his true power as one of the leading Horrorterrors. Instead Halmangard created the an unimaginable transdimension tear so incredbily large that it engulfed the School and all other habitants of the Evindal plane.