Dahriman, Custodian of Time, is an Archon of the Fourth Circle. His purview encompasses the passage of Time, the proper crafting and maintenance of time-keeping equipment, and the accurate following of the calendar.

Unlike most Archons, Dahriman seemingly often manifests himself in the Planes, but most modern witnesses agree that his activity is usually limited to minor interference, such as observing clockmakers at work or setting clocks to the right time.

Clerics of Dahriman are just as detached yet omnipresent, divinely attuned to the passage of time and as such able to know the exact time at all times. For this reason, they are highly sought after by transplanary travellers, since they can detect and prevent or monitor any time dilatation effects. In the years since Cerv Savros' fateful expedition to the Void Plane, which returned four hundred and seventy-six years after its departure due to a freak time dilatation, prices for the services of a cleric of Dahriman have tripled.

Despite Dahriman's rising importance, calls by his clerics to raise him to the Third Circle have been unsuccessful. Some speculate this is due to the Archon's own humble ambitions.

Sects of Dahriman Edit

The Disciples of the Golden Hourglass Edit

This particular order is made of craftsmen, convinced that true time-keeping purity can only be done by crafting the perfect time-keeping device. Their elaborate creations are famous, but extremely expensive as it is not uncommon for a cleric to spend a decade perfecting one device. The impossibility of crafting an absolutely perfect device has driven many of those disciples to insanity, however.

The Living Clocks Edit

The Living Clocks incorporate, through a mix of alchemy and corpomancy, time-keeping devices in their own body, attempting to extent their inherent time-knowing powers. Despite the great risks involved, some advanced practitioners have managed to obtain minor precognition abilities.

The Time Bandits Edit

This sect is famous for believing that only clerics of Dahriman should be gifted with the privilege of time-keeping. Their ultimate goal is to steal and/or destroy all clocks used by the profane.