"Roll the bones! Roll the bones! Where they end up, only fate knows!"
- Agyr Xyagg, Chief Cubispex. Clerocubicmanic Chant


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Apparatus Arcanum.

The custom of using objects to divine the future dates back to the beginning of time. The art of Divination has gone through various deaths and rebirths over the years as new forms have sprung up and various factions throw their weight behind them. Though there was one exception: any Diviner worth his or her salt unanimously agreed that Cromnyomancy brought only tears, wasted food and very little results. Not to mention the risks to body and mind involved in Cacodemomacy. Thus, the Council of Cardinals, in the Diviners' Dialogues of '27, gave Clerocubicmany the status of being Copacetic, meaning that it was the only sanctioned form of Divination in Ysdaariel. Any Wizard caught using any other sign of Divination would be immediately outed as a fraud and outlawed from any Ysdarrian Schools - a horrific stigma for any aspiring Magick user. Since those Dialogues, Clerocubicmany has ruled the roost for over two centuries.

Methodology Edit

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First, something of value is offered to Dahriman as a sign of respect for Time, since Divination offers Wizards a sneak peak of what has yet to come down from the Timeflow and to prevent any time dilatation effects; the Timeflow is indeed a rough current to ride through, some Diviners end up with Propio's Palsy after staring into the Timeflow for too long. Usually valuable timepieces the cilent has brought in addition to normal payment, which includes food and drink for both the Clerocubicmancer and the client as the process can take up a whole evening.

Afterwards, the Diviner takes out his or her Clerocubicmanic Consuetudinary and consults with the client, constructing a calculated composite of the client in question; Agyr Xyagg's Seeing the Future Through Snake Eyes is prefered but some Clerocubicmancers prefer others. Then the Clerocubicmancer reads out loud from their tome, asking the cilent various questions and rolling the Cubos when directed. Again, the Cubos are preferably made of Cnemis Cryptis but some use crystal chiliahedrons instead or just plain old bone. The success and failures of the Cubo Tests offer a pattern of insight into the client's future, which the Clerocubicmancer gives the client after the process is complete.