Bouraquism Goddess

Bourillia: The Mighty Creator, The Guardian, The Alcoholic.

Alcohol is banned in many Bouraque cultures

Alcohol is banned in many Bouraques Cultures, in others, it is celebrated.

Bouraquism, is a major world religion and cultural movement. It began sometime in the early 220th Century in Northern Pircigon, and in the millennium since, has grown to encompass over 390 million followers, making it either the 2nd or the 3rd largest religion in the world, depending on which scholar you ask. The main beliefs of the religion revolve around the one Goddess: Bourillia, a middle aged being who created the planet and its people, before realising the flaws in her creation, getting depressed and turning to drink.
Bouraques believe that everyone is born equal and it is their actions: that guide them as individuals, that they are judged on in the afterlife and that guides the volume of interstellar wine that Bourillia consumes each year: and so how much the world suffers. Due to this, most tend to be anti-sorcery; particularly methods of summoning Arcana such as Invocation and Precipitation.

Beliefs of Bourillia's Origins Edit

It is the belief of Bouraques that in the Galaxy there are many worlds each as filled with life and history as this one. Each of these has it's own God or Goddess that created the planet, the species on it, and guides it through the millenia. Bourilla created this world many years ago when she was a young woman full of hope. With a flick of her fingers she crafted the great game of the land and the fish in the sea. She forged the surface peoples above and the Arcana to inhabit Below. Realising that if these two dimensions were to ever meet, there would be untold violence and suffering; she separated them with a thick veil of time-space. To break through, an individual would be forced to sacrifice something dear to them.

During the early years of man, in an age lost to time, she summoned a priest to the summit of Mount Granglad. Here she laid down her nine Red Laws, for the surface peoples:

  • Please don't kill one another. Please!
  • Do not use magic for anything that isn't for the benefit of others.
  • Rape isnt good...unless you're into that sort of thing...just keep it consential!
  • Do not harm the environment unnecessarily.
  • Do not do anything to compromise the veil. No Arcana should be summoned.
  • Do not try and create new types of life, creation is my realm and my realm only
  • You shouldn't steal from each other or dick each other over in any other ways.
  • Forgiveness is always a better option than blind revenge, see points 1 and 7. Give to others.
  • Also, that alcohol stuff. It's not good for you, stay clear of it!

And so the world entered a golden age of peace and progress. All the planet stayed at a constant lush warm temperature, there was green crops and trees everywhere and all the time. The people prospered.

The Current Age Edit

At some point, Bourillia realised that no-one was paying the slightest bit of attention to any one of her laws.
The four seasons, are very important to the religion

The changing seasons are an important piece of Bouraque belief.

Figuring that her creation and so her enitre life was a failure, she broke her own Ninth Law and started drinking heavily. For Bourillia, every day is an entire year for the planet she created, and so it is the belief of Bouraques that her mood swings create the seasons.
  • Summer - In Summer, it is the afternoon for Bourillia and she is at her most productive, playing the part of Goddess well: allowing the sun to shine brightly and the plants to grow.
  • Autumn - Autumn is evening, and Bourillia supposedly invites her Goddess friends over to get plastered on Interstellar Red Wine, harvested from the Crayberry Nebula. Her face and so the leaves turn red, and distracted, she allows them to fall off their branches.
  • Winter - The morning after, she wakes up with a massive hangover and in depression and desperation, she lashes out angrily at the failed world she created. This is the storms and cold climate of winter.
  • Spring - As noon approaches, her head clears and she starts to feel guilty about what she has done. Bourillia sends flowers, warmth and new growth as apology gifts to her people.

The Future Edit

People of this belief system believe in a world where the an older Bourillia forgives the people of the world and creates a new age with no seasons, only prosperity. In the meanwhile, they work on converting people to their cause, reinstating the nine Red Laws, outlawing all dark sorcery; particularly summoning and creation, and attempting to ban all alcohol. Only when these goals are achieved, do they believe that the world will truly have peace. Despite of this, many Bouraques are so called 'Moderates' who believe alcohol and sorcery are fine when done in moderation, but never at the same time. Drunk sorcery resulted in the infamous Fall of Titok, after all. There are even some, a sect named the Florons, who see it as their duty to feel their creator's pain and so aim to spend the entirety of Autumn drunk off their faces. Many die early deaths of liver failures.

The Afterlife Edit


The Annual festival of Mordsong.

There are many ideas about the afterlife in Bouraque belief. The most common one is that, after death, Bourillia will teleport the souls of the worthy forward in time to when the new age of prosperity has begun. Others say that you go to your own planet to live with your family for eternity. Some scholars have pointed out that this would be the worst thing that could ever happen to a person, especially if mothers-in-law are a part of that family. Because of this, it has often been adapted to you becoming the God or Goddess of your own planet, and your family are nowhere in sight. The dead moving on to a better world are celebrated in an annual festival in mid autumn called Mordsong. Here songs are sung, fireworks let off and alcohol ceremoniously burned...or drunk.

There is no agreed upon idea of hell in the religion. Some say that hell already exists, in the form of the city of Jeramie; the widely agreed worst place on the planet. The Jeramie Sect disagrees saying that this is outragous and borderline racist. In 23451 they attempted to go to war with the entire rest of the planet over these claims and were defeated soundly within five hours. What is agreed on, is that any who summon Arcana will be punished in the afterlife. Especially when Bourillia sobers up.