Anarkanthian Protocols of Invocation Edit

"O Deepest and Most Dreadful Hooked Fiends of the Gibbering Darkness! Pray listen to my harkations! I address ye-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGHHHH!"
- Last words of Frijk Halmangard, Grand Magister on Demoniczoology, author of "It's Just a Name - A Guide to Choosing the Horrorterror perfect for you and your family."

Overview Edit

Anarkanthian Protocols of Invocation are a series of rites and passages used to coax transdimensional entities known as Horrorterrors into our plane of reality. Commonly employed during the late 232nd century, by Astrid's Calendar, when more modern summoning procedures such as Thaumic-Astrological Precipitation (cite) had not yet been perfected.

Though a risky procedure, Familia Arcana summoned this way are without a doubt among the more desirable breeds of minion for aspiring Wizards. A successfully invocated Horrorterror is a display of considerable conjuration skill, especially given the risks of death and loss of limb not unlikely to occur during the Binding Ritual.

Methodology Edit

The wizard attempting the ritual must first procure the necessary components and catalysts needed for any transdimensional tearing and the subsequent adhesion of Planar Rifts. Failure to do so will undoubtedly cause unwanted and dangerous Foreign Mana Leakage (FML) (cite). Depending on the race of the wizard in question, Orrzimar's Shielding Robes and Gloves may need to be worn.

Once these ingredients have been obtained, a Summoning Polygon matching the desired Horrorterror must be constructed on a flat surface, ideally in a dark, candle-lit location. These beings are known to appreciate the effort put into tradition and authenticity by the summoner. The relevant Summoning Polygon can be found in Mannpoleon's Grimoire of Mid-High Level Pursuivance.

With the polygon drawn, following the exact specifications found in Mannpoleon's scripture, the wizard can now begin to open a Planar Rift, as normal. Making sure to stand outside the Containment Zone, read aloud the Chant of Confident Involiability. This should offer some protection from unforseen factors during the procedure.

A heartfelt and respectful message, addressing the inhabitants of the Dark Dimension, should catch the attention of a great number of Horrorterrors.

After this, some will likely attempt to cross through the Rift and enter the Summoning Polygon. However, the layout and composition of each polygon dictates which classifications of Horrorterror can successfully enter. This allows the wizard to narrow his summoning down to only the desired species. It is worth noting that it is far safer to only attempt the conjuring of very small varieties, due to the nature of the Binding Ritual, especially for a novice or unskilled summoner.

Once a member of the desired Horrorterror class has entered the polygon, and been confined to the Containment Zone, it is time to close the Planar Rift as soon as possible, to minimise FML.

With this completed, the Binding Ritual can take place. This is the most difficult and dangerous part of the invocation, as it involves deliberately stepping into the Containment Zone, and offering some kind of Imperative Talisman to the newly summoned Horrorterror. Depending on the temperament of the individual, it may just take the token gift without complication. Upon the acceptance of the talisman, the Horrorterror will now be a loyal and prized servant, and the ritual is complete. However, in many cases, the Horrorterror will be unsatisfied, also choosing to take something more from the summoner. Recorded examples include some blood, an arm, three quarters of the wizard's body, a hat, a satchel of medicinal poultice ingredients, and underwear.

It is most likely that the best preventative measures for this are to create an inviting and well decorated polygon, with clear thought taken to include touching features certain to be noticed by the Horrorterror. Skulls, authentic wax candles, and spiderwebs are all classic items that should definitely be used. In addition, a more desirable Imperative Talisman will help to entice the creature into the wizard's service.

Horrorterrors Edit

With the widespread popularity of owning a Familia Arcana among citizens from all walks of life, it is to be expected that some, more esoteric individuals, would attempt the procuration of increasingly outlandish and unique companions. Horrorterrors are an extreme example of talented summoners displaying their skill, and their personality often conveys a sense of pride. Useful in many roles in industry, magic, and the home, they have great control over Abyssal Magic.

Notable examples of famous Horrorterrors include Glob'gl'ob'gl'ob, servant of the famous children's author, Leuven Roff. She was able to defeat 17 armed members of the Knights Lorem during an assassination attempt on her master. Such was the state of the bodies afterwards, Horrorterror summoning was banned for 6 months, before being repealed at the Catholl Imperial Court.